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Property Branding | Website Design | Graphic Design

" LUXMA is a very talented team of designers, bringing a new creative touch in Marbella. We have worked closely with the LUXMA team for the brand concept of high-end homes and the team has shown a new creative approach to transmit the essence of the properties with excellence. We keep a good impression of LUXMA and highly recommend them to business looking for a unique design elements. "

Solvilla's Marketing Director


Solvilla is the leading luxury real estate agency on the Costa del Sol. With a team of property advisors, project managers and architects, Solvilla has grown into a full-service firm revolutionising Marbella's traditional Real Estate model.

LUXMA has had the privilege of bringing our creative direction and design power into Solvilla's visionary work. During 2022-2023 we worked together on multiple projects, creating something original in the real estate industry. LUXMA has created unique brands around Solvilla's latest properties for the high-end. Some of these include Finca Azur, Las Fuentes and La Gratitud. Property branding has brought an added value not only for the company's marketing purposes but also for the homeowners.

The year was also a successful transition into a modern company presence and updated brand identity through all touchpoints. LUXMA has been a part of the process by redesigning brand materials from billboards to digital stationery and company presentations. You can find our signature handprint around Marbella and from Solvilla's unbranded Turnkey website with all property pages under it.

We're looking forward to showing you more of what's under work with these pioneers. 

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