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Nelly Pasanen Founder and owner of LUXMA creative marketing agency

Nelly Pasanen

Co-Founder & Owner (COB)

1/2 of LUXMA’s founders, a strategic director and communicator, Nelly understands each client’s vision and knows how to nail brand positioning and strategy. Ultimately translating this into an identity. Nelly is LUXMA’s client facing position, making sure the process is always seamless.

Elliida Veikkola founder and owner of LUXMA creative marketing agency

Elliida Veikkola

Co-Founder & Owner

2/2 of LUXMA’s founders, a creative director and executor, Elliida knows how to transform strategies into detailed visuals through all touchpoints. A mind full of unexpected ideas, Elliida is re-creating the world one brand at a time, making sure our clients never go unnoticed.

Rashad Fatairy senior graphic designer for LUXMA creative marketing agency

Rashad Fatairy

Brand- & Content Creator

Our incredibly creative and experienced brand creator and designer from Lebanon. Rashad has his own creative studio in the Netherlands, through which he supports LUXMA’s design projects, primarily for hospitality brands. 

Martin Stojmirovski senior graphic designer for LUXMA creative marketing agency

Martin Stojmirovski

Graphic Designer

With a truly unique talent for elegant and detailed designs, Martin has recently become LUXMA’s responsible designer for our real estate clients and the ones with a high-end target. Martin has quickly absorbed our agency’s way of working and is delivering excellent results.

Casper Nykopp animation and illustration for LUXMA creative marketing agency

Casper Nykopp

Animator & Illustrator

Our freelance "animation guru", rocking it from Finland, working with impressive international clients, big and small. With Casper we make your business move and come to life.

Luke Stones photographer and filmmaker for LUXMA creative marketing agency

Luke Stones

Photographer & Filmmaker

From his love for movies, through the years of parkour and finally ending up in Marbella - Luke has over 10 years of experience in the film & media industry. With a creative and entertaining approach, Luke is a valuable part of our content creation process, especially for LUXMA’s hospitality clients! 


We strongly believe that work should challenge and inspire you.

It should fill you with a sense of purpose and bring fulfillment. 


We’re always looking to expand our team with creators and marketers who share our values and passion for brands. Drop us a message, show us some stuff and we’ll see if there would be a place for you.

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