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Marketing & Advertising

Once the core is solid and we’ve planned a step-by-step rollout for your brand, it’s important to keep the momentum and ball going. The work around your brand never stops. It requires consistent actions to reach your target audience and keep your brand under their eyes in the right moments. With a personalised, savvy marketing strategy we make sure the goals are clear, tools are right and content is unique.


LUXMA specialises in engaging, thumb-stopping content and campaigns that command attention. Combining photo- & video production with our design team, we create material to all channels. Working closely with hospitality businesses from restaurants to hotels, beach- and dinner clubs, as well as real estate agencies and interior designers - Our thorough knowledge and understanding of these areas is a massive asset. 


We know when to throw an event, organise creative send-outs to influencers or produce a paid social campaign with a savvy budget spend. LUXMA always aims for the best results cost-effectively.

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Content Creation

  • Graphic & Motion Design

  • Social Media Marketing

  • PR & Event Management

  • Influencer Marketing

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