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Occo restaurant first opened its doors in Malmo, Sweden. After its great success, some of its founders decided to open a second yet separate establishment in excentric Marbella, in 2018.

Occo Marbella offers Lebanese cuisine experience together with live performances, key DJ's, special cocktails and service like no other.

"A magical place where dreams and flavours come together."

LUXMA's mission has been to strengthen the brand image and target the right audience. 

This has been done through creating clear brand guidelines, producing content and focusing

on PR. Ending up to a successful season of 2021.

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In May 2021 LUXMA had the privilege of working on a project which was done in collaboration between

Action Space and Under Armour.

This project was executed together with a local freelancer, Sonny Brahma.

The mission was to plan and organise a 4-day-photo- & video shoot around Marbella-Málaga area. Together with an international group of expertise, various locations and styles we ended up to desired results.

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Behind the scenes...


Gari Decor's mission is to bring you the beauty and comfort through nature's own elements. Their high-end products fit every occasion and space, and are always made to fit the customer's needs perfectly. Gari Decor serves its customers in Costa Del Sol area.

"Bring the magic of a natural fire under your eyes and feel the warmth of a hot spring."

LUXMA has been a part of the company's journey from the very beginning through branding and website design. Next moving onto social media marketing, content creation and PR.

Gari Decor branding