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Brand Strategy & Identity | Content Creation | Motion Graphics | Event Concepts | PR

" Since OCCO started using LUXMA I have been impressed by their efficiency, professionalism and easy to follow guidance. But what makes them stand out is the careful attention to detail in graphic content, creativity and commitment to achieving the best results - especially when it comes to feature events such as Halloween and our upcoming Red Carpet event for New years Eve.


Working with LUXMA has enabled us to take all aspects of our marketing to the next level and we have found that our business has shown a direct improvement as a result. It more than justifies our decision to work with LUXMA and we are excited to achieve more great things together moving forward. "

General Manager - Josh Bowers


OCCO is one of the most sought-after Dinner Club experiences on the Costa del Sol. A Lebanese cuisine restaurant, based in the heart of Marbella. OCCO is a truly special experience that captures the mysterious oriental essence mixed with local charm. Enchanting you with the atmosphere, personal service and unique entertainment - Ensuring memorable nights time after time!

The collaboration between LUXMA and OCCO began in 2021 with a primary focus on content creation, gradually evolving into a multifaceted partnership. Together we have worked on OCCO's brand positioning on the market, developed a strategy and tweaked the brand identity both; visually and verbally. Part of the process has been a recreation of the brand guidelines and rollout of the fresh identity. This has included conceptualization of OCCO's Signature nights and other events from planning to design, marketing and implementation.

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