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Rebranding | Website Design & Development | SMM Strategy | Content Creation | Social Media Marketing


Etage Nightclub is an iconic nightlife destination in Malmö, Sweden. The club has been established 40 years ago. 

In 2022, Etage reached out to our team at LUXMA to revitalize its image and redefine its audience appeal. Recognizing the need for change, we delved deep into understanding their existing demographic and envisioned a dynamic rebranding strategy to attract a fresh, sophisticated, slightly older clientele.


Our collaboration with Etage involved a holistic approach, from conceptualizing a modern brand identity to creating a visually appealing website. After the brand identity and strategy were completed, we launched the updated look and continued our work with captivating photo- & video content, designing graphics and managing the club's social media marketing on Instagram and Facebook.

It has been a successful journey from identifying a problem, diverting from it through the rebranding process and slowly gaining the desired audience and brand image with the right marketing actions.

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