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Brand Strategy & Identity | Website Design | Content Creation


Faris Fine Art is a new, modern art boutique in Puerto Banus, Marbella — A space dedicated to art, showcasing artists from all around the world. One would certainly never be bored visiting this unique, unconventional art gallery in Marbella. On the contrary, they will receive a charge of positive energy.

Our creative journey together encompassed crafting an inspiring brand strategy and identity that captures the essence of this company's artistic vision. We decided to go for dynamic branding, making the identity move and able to transform in its surroundings. The letters FFA form a unique, strong symbol that is easy to recognise.


Through meticulous collaboration, we designed and developed a visually captivating website that serves as a dynamic canvas to showcase their masterpieces. You can also find LUXMA's fingerprint on the content displayed, including a showreel we created to catch people's attention as the main visual of the website. 

Our partnership has not only established their online presence but has also elevated their brand's impact within the world of fine art. We are excited to continue unveiling the seamless harmony of artistry and innovation that defines Faris Fine Art.

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