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Photoshoot Casting | Photo- & Video Shoot Management


Action Space is a collaboration of businesses, organizations and individuals working together within the world of action sports. In collaboration with the renowned American sports clothing brand Under Armour, the company needed to create an extensive and demanding set of content for their clothing line. 

The vision was to create something unexpected, diverse and meaningful. LUXMA had the amazing opportunity to manage this challenging project from start to finish. Our mission was to find people from entirely different backgrounds with unique characters to model for the products.

LUXMA searched and visited multiple different locations along the Southern coast of Spain to find the perfect mixture of different surroundings that would create the desired contrast. Putting together the plan and schedule for recce and a 4-day-shoot, managing the budget, organizing equipment, transport between locations, catering, styling - You name it!

Ending up to a result that was everything our creative team was after and the client loved. This one got noticed big time!

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